Shelter Added to a Caravan

Shelter added to a caravan crossword clue. A quick crossword clue in Daily Mail newspaper on 9 September 2017. 6 letters

The solver: AWNING

Shelter added to a caravan example

On most insurance policies, content cover of R30 000 to R60 000 is standard for caravans and trailers. If this is not sufficient to cover what you are carrying, you need to increase it. Caravans and trailers must be specified in your insurance policy, like a normal vehicle. Anything specific, or the more expensive items you might carry in a caravan or trailer, need to be specified under the All Risk section in your policy. In this way, you can make sure your valuables are covered for any eventuality. This would include anything you have added to a caravan or trailer – for example, a fixed roof rack or roof tent.

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