Sheds Blood

Sheds blood crossword clue. QUICK CROSSWORD Daily Mail on 20 May 2017, 6 letters

The answer is Bleeds

Bleed meaning

1. lose blood from the body as a result of injury or illness.
“the cut was bleeding steadily”
synonyms: lose blood, hemorrhage
“his arm was bleeding”
– (of a dye or color) seep into an adjacent color or area.
“I worked loosely with the oils, allowing colors to bleed into one another”
synonyms: flow, run, seep, filter, percolate, leach
“one color bled into another”

2. draw blood from (someone), especially as a once-common method of treatment in medicine.
synonyms: draw blood from;
– remove blood from (an animal carcass).
“the first steer rolled out on the floor to be bled, skinned, and dressed”
– drain (someone) of money or resources.
“his policy of attempting to bleed unions of funds”
synonyms: drain, sap, deplete, milk, exhaust
“funds are in danger of being bled dry”
– allow (fluid or gas) to escape from a closed system through a valve.
“open the valves and bleed air from the pump chamber”
synonyms: flow, run, ooze, seep, exude, weep
“sap was bleeding from the trunk”
– treat (a system) by allowing fluid or gas to escape through a valve.
“bleeding the radiator at the air vent”

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