Sharpen by Grinding

Sharpen by grinding crossword clue. Daily Telegraph Sydney Big One Crossword on 4 May 2017.

The answer is Whet.

There are many methods to sharpen your knives. For example, you can use a sharppening stone, or a sharpening rod, sharpening system or an electrical sharpening machine. You can also ask someone else to do the job. The best sharpening method for you, depends on the kind of knives you want to sharpen, the type of steel of the blade, your experience with sharpening and your own preferences.

Sharpening stones are availabel in different grits and are ideal for sharpening blunt knives or maintaining sharp knives. The grit size of the sharpening stone affects the finish of the sharpened blade. The finer the grit, the better the folds of the blade are polished and thus the sharper the knife.

The grit size of the sharpening stones is indicated by means of numbers. A high number indicates a fine grit, for a fine polish of the blade.

A major benefit of sharpening your knives on a sharpening stone is that you can thin out your knife. When thinning out a knife, you grind away extra material on the sides of the blade, making the blade thinner. Thinning of a knife is useful for knives that are often sharpened, as the cutting edge gets fatter when the blade is sharpened more often. Thinning is of great importance for the preservation of good cutting properties.

Sharpening knives on a sharpening stone takes some practice but the reward is great: razor-sharp blades. In our video’s we show step by step how you can sharpen your knives on a sharpening stone.

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