Seat or Chair Part

Seat or chair part crossword clue, 8 letters. A Daily Express UK crossword question on Monday, 25 Sep 2017.

The solver: HEADREST

Seat or chair part in sentence

We have all been there: right in the middle of a bustling day, your salon or barber chair calls in sick to work! Don’t let barber or all-purpose reclining chair issues get you down. Whether it needs a new gas shock adjustment for the recline or the seat cushion has held so many clients it is busting at the seams, we have the replacement seat or chair part you need all in one convenient page for you. We also carry add-ons such as foot rests; add one to your own salon chair to customize your design or . It’s a great asset to your salon or barber shop that can easily be fastened to any floor or wall, and is suitable for any type of hair styling, hydraulic, or make-up chair.

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