Rub or Rasp Noisily

Rub or rasp noisily crossword clue. Daily Express UK quick crossword on 29 Aug 2017. 5 letters

Answer: GRATE
Others synonym: Graze, Glaze

Example of rub or rasp noisily

Roy’s hands tremble rebelliously, as if to corroborate the lieutenant’s words. He would look at them to verify for himself, if he could see—though he suspects she’s right. He’s freezing, and just like that, the unbidden ire drains away to leave him in a tired slump. “I said… I’m just exhausted, Lieutenant. Worry about yourself. You’re the one who almost died earlier today.”

To his chagrin, Roy’s voice softens with far too much emotion than her CO’s voice ought to, and he turns his face away from her. He’s such a fool, such a fool. She sighs, and the exasperated fondness in it might as well drive a knife through his heart. “You’re such a hypocrite, Colonel.” Her bed creaks again, an IV stand rolls quietly across the floor, and then she’s beside him pulling up a chair. The rub or legs rasp noisily against the linoleum.

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