Rich Showing Crossword Clue

Rich showing crossword clue. Herald Sun newspaper quick clue crossword on 27 Sep 2017. 4 letters

The solver: POMP

Rich showing crossword clue in sentence

“I was sorry to learn of the fire at Mansion Belcrady, Comes,” the Konige said as she looked away from the four perfect egg-shaped blue sapphires lying in their ivory box to Rakoczy Ferancsi, who had presented them to her; around them many of her Court were gathered, vying for notice and favor. For this glittering occasion, where all her Court was charged with making a lavish and rich showing, the Konige had donned a long-trained double bleihaut, one of cloth-of-gold, and the other of parti-colored Italian velvet over a chainse of Mosul-cotton.

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