Relating to a Line

Relating to a line crossword clue. A quick crossword found in Daily Express UK newspaper on Friday, 1 Sep 2017. 6 letter.

The answer: LINEAR

Relating to a line in sentence

If you’re still having trouble grasping this, it’s not your fault. Decades of research in cognitive psychology show that the human mind struggles to understand nonlinear relationships. Our brain wants to make simple straight lines. In many situations, that kind of thinking serves us well: If you can store 50 books on a shelf, you can store 100 books if you add another shelf, and 150 books if you add yet another. Similarly, if the price of coffee is $2, you can buy five coffees with $10, 10 coffees with $20, and 15 coffees with $30.

But in business there are many highly nonlinear relationships, and we need to recognize when they’re in play. This is true for generalists and specialists alike, because even experts who are aware of nonlinearity in their fields can fail to take it into account and default instead to relying on their gut. But when people do that, they often end up making poor decisions.

Linear Bias in Practice. We’ve seen consumers and companies fall victim to linear or relating to a line bias in numerous real-world scenarios. A common one concerns an important business objective: profits.

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