Reel Around Crossword Clue

Reel around crossword clue. A two speed crossword puzzle question in The Courier-Mail newspaper on 5 Sep 2017. Also appear on Daily Telegraph.

SPIN for 4 letter Other possible answer: TURN-GYRE-WHIR-ROLL
STAGGER for 7 letters

Spin fishing is an angling technique where a spinning lure is used to entice the fish to bite. Spin fishing is used in both freshwater and marine environments. Spin fishing is distinguished between fly fishing and bait cast fishing by the type of rod and reel used. There are two types of reels used when spin fishing, the open faced reel and the closed faced reel. The spin fishing rod has no trigger attached to the base of the fishing rod. This is what differentiates the spin fishing rod from the bait casting fishing rod.

What is a good freshwater spinning reel around 50 dollars? I want to use it for shad fishing- smooth drag and line capacity are musts. I plan on putting it on a 8 or 9 foot steelhead noodle rod

I came up with this list from researching- anyone with particular input:
Pflueger trion
Plueger president
shimano sedonna
Okuma avenger
Okuma epixor
I have seen Okumas in that price range at flea markets.

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