Quick Chess Win Crossword Clue

Quick chess win crossword clue, 9 letters (5,4) in Daily Mail giant crossword on 4 Nov 2017.

The solver: Fools Mate

Quick chess win crossword clue in sentence

I want to know how to quick chess win in chess game. How do you do that? A: It is possible, but highly unlikely, to win a chess game in two moves. But to do so requires playing black and the cooperation of the player using white. The board at left shows the position of the pieces for a two move win. The first move by white would be the king’s bishop pawn forward 2 squares (f4). Black would then move the king’s pawn to e6. White, either totally oblivious or in a very obliging mood, would move the king’s knight pawn to g4. Executing the coup de main, the black queen would move to h4.

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