Prune or Clip Crossword Clue

Prune or clip crossword clue, 4 letters. A Daily Express UK newspaper on Tuesday 19 Sep 2017.

Answer: TRIM

Prune or clip example

Following the general clean-up, it will soon be all systems go – mulching, feeding and planting as spring really gets going. But the job that should be left – or tackled with extreme caution – is the pruning of flowering shrubs. There will certainly be more cold weather to come, and it is too early to cut down buddleias, too early to prune or clip evergreens, and certainly far too early to remove last season’s dry hydrangea mops. If spring-flowering shrubs were not pruned last summer it is unwise to tidy them up now, since a heavy-handed session can easily remove all the shoots that will soon bear flowers; witness the number of letters I get about non-flowering ceanothus and philadelphus.

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