Provide the Key to 6 Letter

Provide the key to” crossword clue. Daily Mail UK crossword question last seen Aug 14, 2017. 6 letters.

Answer: UNLOCK

Chaos could provide the key to enhanced wireless communications

Chaos, somewhat ironically, has one clear attribute: random-like, apparently unpredictable, behavior. However recent work shows that that unpredictable behavior could provide the key to effective and efficient wireless communications.

A team of researchers at the Xian University of Technology in China and the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom have demonstrated that chaos can, in fact, be used to transmit information over a wireless physical channel offering wide-ranging advantages from enhanced communications security. The researchers explain their findings this week in Chaos.

Wireless communication is the fastest growing segment of the communication industry. But the physical constraints of wireless physical media, such as multi-path propagation, complex ambient noises and interference, prevent quick transmission of information and at a low error rate.

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