Procession of Motor Vehicles

Procession of motor vehicles crossword clue, 9 letters. A small crossword from UK Daily Express on 27 Sep 2017.

The solver: MOTORCADE

Procession of motor vehicles in sentence

I moved to Astwood Bank in February this year and can see why it’s difficult for motorists to obey speed restrictions along the Ridgeway – it’s because there appear to be none! The only 30mph notice I’ve seen is nearly two and a half miles away from the Rough Hill/Slough roundabout. When I drive along the Ridgeway I keep to the limit, but I’m usually tailgated by a long procession of motor vehicles whose drivers think I ought to be going faster. Another couple of signs would perhaps make this clearer to motorists. You might retort that drivers ought to know by other clues what their correct speed should be here. My answer would be that they clearly don’t.

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