Pre-Game Tennis Practice

Pre-game tennis practice. 5 letters (3,2). A crossword clue in The Herald Sun on Monday 21 Augustus 2017.

Answer: HIT UP

Pre-game tennis practice example

Another part of first serve tennis practice drills is to serve a slice serve in the same manner as the first flat serve drill. This means that the player has to hit the same target points (the left and the right-hand corner of the service box and straight down the line) but this time, a slice serve is executed.

The main objective of this pre-game tennis practice drill is for the players to execute the serve perfectly. This can only be achieved if the serve surprises the opponent where a right-handed corner slice serve looks as if the ball is going directly toward the receiver’s backhand side (for right handed players) but in reality the ball can turn into the receiver’s body resulting in a difficult return. If the server hits the left-hand corner, the ball has to curve away from the receiver making the serve very hard to reach. The player must do a series of these tennis practice drills both on the ad and on the deuce side of the court.

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