Postpone, Needlessly Delay

Postpone, needlessly delay crossword clue. A quick crossword question in The NZ Herald on 22 Aug 2017. 13 letters.


Postpone, needlessly delay example

“I can do that tomorrow . . .” How often do you say that about both the large and small things in life, the important and the trivial? How often do you procrastinate, postpone, needlessly delay, drag your feet, slack off, and habitually avoid taking action. How often do you put off actions that you must eventually perform? How often do you shove your dreams to the back burner out of fear of failure, laziness, or perfectionism? The answer to each question is undoubtedly “Yes, at times” – thanks, in part, to human nature. Each one of us falls victim to the Someday, Someday, Someday Syndrome.

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