Poor Condition Due to Neglect

Poor condition due to neglect crossword clue. A quick crossword from Daily Express London on 8 September 2017. 9 letters.

Answer: Disrepair

Poor condition due to neglect in sentence

All four donkeys’ feet needed attention, especially Scamper, who had approximately 4 inches of growth as a result of not being treated by a farrier. Scamper was in extreme pain and struggled to move easily, x-rays were carried out to ensure that there was no long-lasting damage caused.

Our very understanding farrier exercised such care and sensitivity when treating Scamper as it was a frightening and new experience for him. Although Scamper’s condition was very serious, the most worrying discovery was the smallest donkey in the group, called Oreo. Oreo was emaciated, his bones were protruding from his weak body. Oreo was treated by the Veterinary Team, the Farrier and the Equine Dental Technician (EDT). The EDT determined his age and told us that Oreo was 30 years old and his teeth were in very poor condition due to neglect, this also contributed to his gaunt experience as he could not chew and digest his food.

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