Path Over Rough Country

Path over rough country crossword clue. A daily quick one crossword clue and the answer in The Daily Telegraph Sydney newspaper last seen on Thursday, 7 Sep 2017. 5 letters.

The answer is TRAIL

Path over rough country in sentences

He loped along the trail through the forest and trotted into the park around the castle, where the person he least wanted to see awaited him with a glower and crossed arms. “Well,” said Cynthia, dredging up a pinch of optimism from a miserable situation, “whoever mis-marked our trail back in the mine at least thought we’d crawl out of the earth and make it this far.

The journey to Sunlis ferry on the Youghiogheny river in Pennsylvania was made in wagons and on horseback. There the men built an open boat in which they floated the wagons, luggage, and furniture, together with pigs, sheep and chickens, along the river to Hamar in Ohio.

Other men together with the women and children came through with the horses and cattle. Jeremiah’s wife often told her grandson of the many hardships of this long journey on which she carried in her lap on horseback her infant son Levi. The road was an untamed path over rough country with many streams to be forded.

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