Parasitic Plant Crossword Clue

Parasitic Plant Crossword Clue. QUICK ONE Crossword question at The Daily Telegraph Sydney on Friday 9 Jun 2017. Also appear on Herald Sun and Courier-Mail newspaper in same day. 4 letters

The answer: MOSS

Other possible answers: BEAN – FERN – HERB – KELP – MOLD – RUST – SMUT – VINE – WORT

Mosses are small flowerless plants that typically grow in dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. The individual plants are usually composed of simple leaves that are generally only one cell thick, attached to a stem that may be branched or unbranched and has only a limited role in conducting water and nutrients. Although some species have conducting tissues, these are generally poorly developed and structurally different from similar tissue found in vascular plants.

Mosses do not have seeds and after fertilisation develop sporophytes with unbranched stalks topped with single capsules containing spores. They are typically 0.2–10 cm (0.1–3.9 in) tall, though some species are much larger. Dawsonia, the tallest moss in the world, can grow to 50 cm (20 in) in height.

Mosses are commonly confused with lichens, hornworts, and liverworts. Lichens may superficially look like mosses, and have common names that include the word “moss” but are not related to mosses. 3 Mosses used to be grouped together with the hornworts and liverworts as “non-vascular” plants in the former division “bryophytes”, all of them having the haploid gametophyte generation as the dominant phase of the life cycle.

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