Page Boys Crossword Clue

Page boys crossword clue. A quick crossword in The Mail on Sunday puzzle on 3 Sep 2017. 10 letters

The answer: ATTENDANTS

Page boys crossword clue in sentence

Deciding to include ‘little people’ in your retinue can add an element of innocent childlike charm and warmth to any wedding ceremony. Having flower girls and page boys is a lovely old tradition that is starting to make a big comeback. Their own personalities shine and you will never be sure if they won’t do something funny that will steal the show! They also look utterly gorgeous and will add an enduring and special thought to your wedding photos. Children also love a bit of pageantry and drama and most will be happy to dive in and get involved, but you can help avoid any potential disasters by having more than one child in your group. It will give them an extra boost of confidence and your photos will look even sweeter. Below is our tribute to the “little stars” of the show!

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