Outer Wall of a Castle

Outer wall of a castle crossword clue. QUICK CROSSWORD at Scottish Daily Mail on 25 May 2017.

The answer is BAILEY

An outer bailey or outer ward is the defended outer enclosure of a castle. It protects the inner bailey and usually contains those ancillary buildings used for the management of the castle or the supply of its occupants. These domestic buildings could include workshops, livestock stalls and stables; storage facilities such as barns, sheds and granaries, as well as quarters for servants such as maids, farm workers, and even the castle governors or castellans.

In many cases there was also a brewery, a bakehouse and a kitchen, if the latter was not located in the hall or palas. An outer bailey was often called a base court in England. Depending on topography it could also be referred to as a lower bailey or lower ward, the keep being in the upper bailey or ward. Chepstow Castle has lower, middle and upper baileys.

The domestic buildings of the continental schloss, often a stately home or palace, may also be referred to as an outer ward. These frequently contained a carriage house or a cavalier house, buildings that were not common in medieval castles. Large castles often have more than one bailey; examples include Monschau and Bürresheim. At some larger castles, markets were held in the outer bailey (c.f. suburbium).

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