Open to All Students

Open to all students crossword clue. A quick crossword found in The Courier-Mail on Wednesday, 30 Augustus 2017. 4 letters(2,2).

The answer: CO-ED

Open to all students crossword clue in sentence

Established by Alan P. Levenstein ’56 and Stephen Kirschenbaum ’55 to commemorate their appreciation of such novelists as Jane Austen, Anthony Trollope, and Charles Dickens, the prize is intended to encourage students to read and write about nineteenth-century English novels intelligently, critically, and with a heightened sense of pleasure.

To enter, students must submit an essay that addresses in substantial detail some aspect of one or more nineteenth-century English novels. The competition is open to all students in any major. Essays submitted must be original work, but may be expanded or revised versions of papers written initially as coursework.

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