Omen or Herald Crossword

Omen or herald crossword clue. Australia Daily Telegraph newspaper big one puzzle questin on Monday 9 Oct 2017. 9 letters.

The answer: HARBINGER

Omen or herald crossword clue in sentence

It’s also worth mentioning that even in The Lord of the Rings, ‘the eagles are coming’ is a eucatastrophic moment, but not one that heralds a victory that the eagles do much to bring about (they help avoid a further tragedy by plucking Frodo and Sam from Mt. Doom, but we don’t even know that’s a problem when Pippin blacks out). Rather, we seem to have a fairly consistent pattern of an unexpected and somewhat exultant sign of hope and joy (the eagles in The Hobbit and at the Black Gate, and the horns at Minas Tirith), followed by a time-jump in the narrative and the full explanation of how victory was actually achieved (never directly through the sign of hope, which in each case ended up being more of an omen or herald than the real agent of victory), as well as a tally of the losses. The first signs of hope are no less eucatastrophic for not being the mechanisms for resolving issues.

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