Obsessive collector, say

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Obsessive collector, say for 10 letters is COMPLETIST

Completist as noun means a collector who strives to obtain a complete collection of some type of thing
Completist as adjective means which attempts to collect something completely.

Completist also can be a person who champions any philosophy which somehow includes the completeness of something; as, a completist philosopher who holds that a definite complete body of knowledge exists to be discovered.

How do you know when it’s time to stop being a completist? At its root, the completist impulse is about feeling as though there’s no point in collecting something unless you have every single item. Whether it’s records, books, comics, toys, memorabilia or something else, the collection isn’t worth having unless you have every item that belongs in the set. A set of N-1 is as worthless as an empty set.

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