Not Mechanical Fault Crossword Clue

Not mechanical fault crossword clue. 10 letters(5,5). Daily Mail UK quick crossword puzzle clue on 23 Sep 2017.

The solver: HUMAN ERROR

Not mechanical fault crossword clue in sentence

News today comes from Tripoli with the announcement of the preliminary enquiry of the crash of Flight 711 from Johannesburg to Tripoli. According to the enquiry, there was not mechanical fault, there was enough fuel onboard, and there was no request for help. Neji Dhaou, head of the Libyan commission investigating the crash, said the causes remained unknown and indicated it could be some time before his conclusions were ready. The A330 had 104 people aboard, with just one survivor – a 9 year old Dutch boy. Multiple nationalities were aboard the plane, where as the plane itself was only 8 months old with 1,600 hours flight time and around 420 takeoff and landing cycles.

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