New York Times Crossword Answers Apr 23 2017

Below complete list of clues for New York Times crossword answers for edition Apr 23, 2017.

‘Bonehead’ and ‘numbskull,’ e.gINSULTS
‘Dallas’ actress ___ J. WilsonSHEREE
‘Enough already!’QUITIT
‘Family Matters’ ubernerdURKEL
‘Smart’ oneALEC
‘___ parvis magna’ (‘Greatness from small beginnings’: Lat.)SIC
1938 #1 hit for 68-/70-Across, which was inspired by a nursery rhymeATISKETATASKET
Accidentally hit ‘reply all’ on, sayMISSEND
Act likeAPE
And the following: AbbrETSEQ
Arctic food fishCHAR
Arctic young ‘unSEALPUP
Be ___ useOFNO
Beverage sponsor of the old ‘Little Orphan Annie’ radio showOVALTINE
Biblical quartetGOSPELS
Big blowGALE
Bluish shadesTEALS
Bracket shapesELLS
Brutish sortGORILLA
Button on the bottom of a multipage formCONTINUE
Café additiveLAIT
Close again, as a purseRESNAP
Close budsBFFS
Congestion siteSINUS
Cuba or Catalina: AbbrISL
Dog whose tail curls over the backSPITZ
East German secret policeSTASI
Edith Piaf’s ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette ___’RIEN
Elder Lannister son on ‘Game of Thrones’JAIME
Extremely loud, in musicFFF
Five Pillars of Islam, e.gTENETS
Fixture on a fishing dockSCALE
Flight attendantSTEWARD
For grades 1-12, brieflyELHI
For laughsINJEST
Freedom Caucus, e.gBLOC
Gets some airINHALES
Good name for an Irish carpenter?OTOOLE
Great Lakes nativesERIES
Green who was a four-time vocal coach on ‘The Voice’CEELO
H.S. big shotsSRS
Hollywood job titleEDITOR
Illustrator software makerADOBE
Introduces slowlyPHASESIN
Italian relativesMAMMAS
Jan. initsMLK
Japanese comic styleMANGA
Kama ___SUTRA
Lao-tzu followerTAOIST
Letter-shaped fastenerTNUT
Listless feelingsENNUIS
Longbow woodYEW
Love interest for Anastasia in ‘Anastasia’DIMITRI
Many August birthsLEOS
Maps of Alaska and Hawaii, oftenINSETS
Mass recitationAGNUSDEI
Melodic passagesARIOSI
Mermaids’ home in NeverlandLAGOON
Name on a blimpFUJI
Natural history museum sightsFOSSILS
Near ringerLEANER
No fun, as a partyDEAD
Notable quote by 68-/70-AcrossISINGLIKEIFEEL
Occurrences in the 30s, saySLEETS
Old car named for an explorerDESOTO
One for the plus columnASSET
One in line?HEIR
One state symbol of MassachusettsELMTREE
One-named singer with the 2016 #1 hit ‘Cheap Thrills’SIA
Part of T.G.I.FITS
Part of the earthCRUST
Perfumer’s liquidACETAL
Picks out of a lineup, informallyIDS
Piñata smasher, maybeNINO
Polish coinZLOTY
Polynesian carvingsTIKIS
Popular pairing with steak au poivreCABERNET
Portion of a pennyZINC
Promising action on a fishing lineTUG
Quantity of toys on Santa’s sleighSACKFUL
Question asked while extending the hand, maybeTRUCE
Rapa ___ (locale of many monoliths)NUI
Reassuring touchPAT
Record label that looks like the name of a radio stationKTEL
Red as ___ABEET
Repeated collaborator with 68-/70-AcrossLOUISARMSTRONG
Ride and FieldSALLYS
Road offense, for shortDUI
Sacred choral worksMOTETS
See 68-AcrossELLA
Set oneself right, in a wayATONED
Set piece?TVCAMERA
Setting for a fine mealCHINA
Sheltered at seaALEE
Signature tune of 68-/70-AcrossHOWHIGHTHEMOON
Singer with the 1984 hit ’99 Luftballons’NENA
Sister of Helios and SeleneEOS
Skating champ BrianORSER
Skewered Asian dishSATAY
Slip in a bookERRATUM
Soft drink brandDADS
Sports team V.I.P.sGMS
State representatives?STARS
Stone Age relicsNEOLITHS
Suffix with sheep or hawkISH
Summer piazza treatGELATO
Takeoff figsETDS
Talk endlessly toJAWAT
The hotsLUST
Three-stripers: AbbrSGTS
Tough draws in the game BananagramsZTILES
Trade jabs (with)SPAR
Turkish titleAGHA
Unlikely book club recommendationSMUT
Van Gogh’s ‘Le Café de ___’NUIT
Vegan stapleTOFU
Vintner’s caskTUN
Where Nice is en FranceSUD
Winter celebration abroadTET
With 70-Across, nickname for a celebrated performer born on April 25, 1917LADY
Wrinkly fruitUGLI
Wyatt of the Old WestEARP
___ Coast, scenic area near CapriAMALFI
___ Nast (magazine publisher)CONDE
___ ReportsCONSUMER

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