Navy Ship Prefix

Navy ship prefix crossword clue. 4 letters. A crossword question found in Daily Telegraph newspaper on 12 Sep 2017.

The answer: HMCS

Navy ship prefix example

Royal Netherlands navy ship prefix. In Dutch, ships are given the prefix “Hare Majesteits” (“her majesty’s”, abbreviated as “Hr.Ms.”) or “Zijner Majesteits” (“his majesty’s”, abbreviated “Zr.Ms.”). In English, the Dutch prefix is translated as “HNLMS” for “Her/His Netherland Majesty’s Ship”. Some authors translate Hr./Zr.Ms. as “HNMS” but that abbreviation is ambiguous: the “N” might stand for “Netherlands” or “Norway”. The most common way to avoid this ambiguity is to use “HNLMS” and “HNoMS” respectively.

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