Musical Style

Musical style crossword clue. 8 letters. A quick crossword clue last seen in Herald Sun newspaper on today, Aug 8, 2017

Answer: Canticle

A canticle (from the Latin canticulum, a diminutive of canticum, “song”) is a hymn, psalm or other song of praise taken from biblical or holy texts other than the Psalms.

The Liturgy of the Hours uses one canticle from the Old Testament each day at Lauds, “each weekday of the four-week cycle [has] its own proper canticle and on Sunday the two sections of the Canticle of the Three Children may be alternated”. The liturgy prior to the reform after the II Vatican Council used fourteen Old Testament canticles, having two weekly cycles. Prior to the 1911 reforms, a single cycle of seven canticles was used.

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