Moved to Sympathy or Emotion

Moved to sympathy or emotion crossword clue. 7 letters. Daily Mail UK crossword clue on 11 Aug 2017


Traditionally, when used as an adjective, touched is intended to denote being moved to sympathy or emotion by something/someone. If you want to get a little more informal and old school (South), it was used as a “polite” way to say someone was a little crazy, off balance, or troubled. Example, “Oh, ever since her mama died she’s been a little touched, bless her heart.”

I own with no shame being a little “touched” in a clinical sense (bless my heart). Better living through pharmacology as I always say. Perhaps that’s a topic for another day. I really prefer to think of it as having a “colorful” personality. That’s my story anyway. (Crap, that’s starting to sound a little Seuss-rhyme heavy)

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