Mosquito or Beetle Crossword Clue

Mosquito or beetle crossword clue. 6 letters. A quick crossword in The Mail on Sunday newspaper, 20 Aug 2017

Answer: INSECT

Also, how often do we try to hit mosquitoes with swords, arrows or fireball spells? This isn’t a design oversight, it’s the end user coming up against the end of the system. A single mosquito or beetle isn’t significant enough a threat or entity to need rules. If you are of a simulationist bent and have to have rules, they’re 1hp ac20 Speck-sized creatures.

Now I have a picture of a preteen sorcerer blowing their bedroom apart because a fly keeps buzzing around their head as they try to sleep.

If you’re going to create a workaround for Alarm (now someone can shapechange into a Speck sized creature and bypass the Alarm), do you change the spell description to accomodate? It seems the intent of the designers was that the Alarm spell will trigger on any creature entering it.

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