Money Laid Away

Money laid away crossword clue. 7 letters. The Courier-Mail big one crossword puzzle found on Saturday, 26 Aug 2017.

The answer: SAVINGS

Example of money laid away crossword clue

Love all the feedback but it will do no good if only a few people answers this post…The Tank and other things about it can be changed…Maybe if you check out a tank and return it like a library book the said 50k checkout price could be refunded or most of it… Tank must be returned to its check out base for maintenances and refueling or rearming on a set period of time or money laid away on it will not be refunded…. Tank also slows down and runs out of fuel- this would keep players on edge about returning to base for fuel and ammo.

Radar limits for tanks so offended players could get a fighting chance to get away or fight back. Tank crew colors and turret emblem so not all tanks will look the same if there is an all out lobby tank war, it would help to not look the same and TK some one you do not want to kill. Allow tactical or critical hits to certain areas of a tank, Frontal armor is at its best but rear and tread shots be very bad! The sniper should also be able to shoot and kill the driver window slit if well aimed.

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