Melancholy or Depression

Melancholy or depression crossword clue. UK Daily Mail quick crossword on 29 Sep 2017, 5 letters.

The solver: GLOOM

Melancholy or depression in sentence

With many people most of the cause is in distemper, weakness, and disease of the body, and by it the soul is greatly disabled to any comfortable sense. But the more it comes from such natural necessity, it is the less sinful, and less dangerous to the soul, but still just as troublesome.

He then goes on to identify “three diseases that cause too much sorrow. Those that consist in such violent pain as natural strength is unable to bear. A natural passion, and weakness of that reason that should quiet passion (often seen in the elderly or debilitated). When the brain and imagination are impaired, and reason partly overthrown by the disease called melancholy or depression.

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