Makes Eyes At

What is “makes eyes at”? Daily Mail crossword on Apr 24, 2017¬†clues.

Answer: OGLER

Ogler or “Making eyes at” someone is basically trying to provoke eye contact in order to show your interest in your potential paramour. You can’t “understand” it, exactly, because like many human behaviors it doesn’t follow logical rules. Plus, it’s hugely dependent on society. Different cultures have different ideas about eye contact, especially duration, and often just making it with people of higher status.

Basically, you’re trying to do something that gets him to look at you, and then use that as an opportunity to make eye contact. This eye contact should somehow combine with other social signals to indicate your interest. I’ve seen this work, but there are hard limits: first, the guy has to be socially skilled enough to pick up on what’s going on.

Second, he can’t be too shy; in my experience, shy people are just going to respond to this kind of behavior by looking down, which is not what you want.

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