Long Steps or Paces

Long steps or paces crossword clue. A daily mail UK puzzle question on 1 Aug 2017. 7 letters


In taking this immense stride and identifying the Cynic ” reason,” which is a law for man, with the ” reason ” which is the law of the universe, Zeno has been compared with Plato, who similarly extended the Socratic ” general notion ” from the region of morals – of justice, temperance, virtue – to embrace all objects of all thought, the verity of all things that are.

His stride is the stride of a giant, from the sentimental beauty of the picture of Marie Antoinette at Versailles, or the red horror of the tale of Debi Sing in Rungpore, to the learning, positiveness and cool judicial mastery of the Report on the Lords’ Journals (1794), which Philip Francis, no mean judge, declared on the whole to be the “most eminent and extraordinary” of all his productions.

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