Liquid Absorbing Item

Liquid-absorbing item crossword clue, 6 letters. A quick clue last seen on 14 Oct 2017 in Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Answer: SPONGE

Example of Liquid-absorbing item crossword clue

Liquid absorbing pads are used to weigh non-volatile liquid samples using pressed tin or silver capsules. Type N is suitable for CHN and type O for CHN, Sulphur and Oxygen (elemental) analysis. Simply insert into the bottom of the capsule and dispense the appropriate volume of sample onto the pad using a micro-syringe or micro-pipette. Two or more pads can be used for larger samples. Liquid-absorbing item are pre-treated for low blank values. We also have micro-spatulas and forceps ideally suited to EA and SIA work and our range of micro-pipette simplifies weighing of liquid samples.

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