Lifts the Shoulders

Lifts the shoulders crossword clue. A big one crossword puzzle question in The courier-Mail on 22 Augustus 2017. 6 letters.

Answer: SHRUGS

Common mistakes when lifts the shoulders

– The practitioner lifts the shoulders and/or the head off the floor.
– In an attempt to do variations before being ready for them, people tend to drop their knees out when they try to bring their feet closer together.
– Feet or knees are not parallel.

Lift your pelvis and keep your hands either flat on the floor or support your lower back by placing your hands on your lower back, elbows pushing into the floor, thumbs out. Push your pelvis up as high as possible, bring your chest closer to your chin. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, release your hands and slowly come out of the pose returning to the starting position.

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