Legal Warning

Legal warning crossword clue. THE BIG ONE at The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) on 25 May 2017, 6 letters

The answer is CAUTION


Likewise, in technical writing, the subject matter often calls for warnings and cautions. We need to know the distinction between them and how to write them effectively.

– A Warning explains dangers that might result in personal injury or death.
– A Caution explains hazards that could damage a product, including data loss.

If both results are possible, a warning takes precedence.
To write a warning or caution:

– Start with a simple, clear command.
– Write to the intended audience, for example a machine operator or a maintenance technician.
– Choose your words to be specific, leaving nothing to uncertainty.
– It might be necessary to add an explanation to make the risks clear. This will make the warning or caution longer, but more effective.
– If conditions are necessary before starting a procedure, list the conditions first.

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