In a legal playing position

In a legal playing position crossword clue. Australia Herald Sun newspaper crossword puzzle on Thursday, 15 June 2017. 6 letters. Also appear in Daily Telegraph and The Courier-Mail.

The answer: ON SIDE

The leg side, or on side, is defined to be a particular half of the field used to play the sport of cricket. From the point of view of a right-handed batsman facing the bowler, it is the left hand side of the cricket field (being to the bowler’s right). With a left-handed batsman the on side is to the batsman’s right (and to the bowler’s left).

A cricket field is notionally divided into two halves, by an imaginary line running down the long axis of the pitch. In normal batting stance, the striking batsman stands side on to the bowler. The leg side is the half of the field behind the batsman. The half of the field in front of him or her is called the off side.

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