Lavish Show Crossword Clue

Lavish show crossword clue. The big one crossword question in Courier Mail on Tuesday, 20 June 2017. 11 letters. Also appear on Daily Telegraph Sydney.



“The Romance of the Song” was the name of the show held at this theme park, which is related to the Song dynasty. The theme park is OK, and worth a stroll around, although a bit touristy, but the show is superb and should not be missed if you are in Hangzhou. Although there were lots of tour buses on offer, we chose to go via taxi, which takes about half an hour from the West Lake.

We arrived early to give us time to eat and to stroll around the park before the show. We bought our show tickets on arrival from the box office and were more than happy with our cheap seats. The show goes for around an hour, and comprises a succession of large stage numbers, brilliantly choreographed and lit, with some extraordinary special effects. There were lovely dance scenes, an amazing battle scene, spectacular costumes, some acrobatics, and special effects including fire, rain and waterfalls. Although the theme park is not very exciting, this show was a highlight of our visit to China; don’t miss it.

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