Large Tree Shrew Crossword

Large tree shrew crossword clue. A Herald Sun quick clues two speed crossword question on Friday, Augustus 4, 2017. 4 letters.

Answer: TANA

The large treeshrew (Tupaia tana) is a treeshrew species within the Tupaiidae. It is native to Sumatra and adjacent small islands, as well as in the lowlands and hills of Borneo.

Large treeshrews are the most predominantly terrestrial of all treeshrew species. They are usually on the forest floor, the primary location for their foraging, although they spend part of their time in trees. T. tana has been described as mainly terrestrial based on field observations and their morphological traits. Large treeshrews are most abundant in primary tropical rainforest, but are also found in swamp forest and secondary growth forest. T. tana has many potential predators such as the marbled cat, leopard, and clouded leopard.

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