Large Jug With a Wide Mouth

Large jug with a wide mouth crossword clue, 4 letters. UK Daily Mail quick crossword found in 4 Oct 2017.

Answer: Ewer.

Large jug with a wide mouth in sentence

The Phoenix ewer, which is a large jug with a wide mouth, carved from a massive rock crystal (quartz) from the Swiss Alps, is perhaps the last piece executed by Dinoysio Miseroni for Emperor Ferdinand III, just before his death on April 2, 1657. Ferdinand III who was a patron and connoisseur of the arts, patronized the work of Dinoysio Miseroni, since his ascension to the throne of the Holy Roman Emperor in 1637, and all the outstanding creations attributed to Dinoysio Miseroni was a result of this royal patronage extended to a creative artist during a period of twenty years. Accordingly after the death of Ferdinand III in 1657, there was a significant decline in production at the Miseroni workshop.

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