Irish Supernatural Being

Irish supernatural being crossword clue. Australia Daily Telegraph quick crossword on Monday 2 Oct 2017. 7 letters.

The answer: Banshee

Irish supernatural being in sentence

Banshee is an Irish supernatural being of the wraith type. The name derives from the Gaelic bean si and implies “female fairy.” She is usually the possession of a specific family, to a member or members of which she appears before the death of one of them. Unlike, also, many of the legendary beliefs of this kind, the popular accounts illustrative of it are related on the evidence of all sections of the community, many an enlightened and well-informed advocate being enthusiastic in his vindication of its reality. It would seem, however, that no family which is not of an ancient and noble stock is honored with this visit of the Banshee and hence its nonappearance has been regarded as an indication of disqualification in this respect on the part of the person about to die.

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