Introduces New Vigour Crossword Clue

Introduces new vigour crossword clue. Aussie Daily Telegraph newspaper quick crossword on Friday 13 Oct 2017, 11 letters.


Introduces new vigour crossword clue in example

The stock loft is the hub of the loft, it is from here their success starts. Geoff and Catherine’s birds are mainly Deweerdts with a few Elsakers. In the loft at the moment there are three National winners of Geoff’s and several sons and daughters of National and International winners. If someone does well with a bird from Geoff’s family then Geoff will always have one back for the stock loft. This way he introduces new vigour, without losing the winning line. Geoff’s advice to anybody would be to buy the best you can afford and he says one pair close to the winners are better than two pairs a generation away.

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