Instruction or Guidance Crossword Puzzle Clue

Instruction or guidance crossword clue. An Irish Daily Mail crossword puzzle no 7,626 on Saturday 10 June 2017. 8 letters.

The answer: TUTELAGE

tutelage meaning

– the function of a guardian; guardianship; care, protection, etc.
– teaching; instruction
– the condition of being under a guardian or tutor


– Dictated the terms of a general pacification, and Charles XI., who bitterly resented “the insufferable tutelage” of the French king, was forced at last to acquiesce in a peace which at least left his empire practically intact.
– It was bold policy to confide Frederick to his greatest enemy and rival; but the pope honorably discharged his duty, until his ward outgrew the years of tutelage, and became a fair mark for ecclesiastical hostility.

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