Injury to a Muscle

Injury to a muscle crossword clue. 6 letters. A The Courier-Mail Australia newspaper quick crossword question on 21 Sep 2017.


Example of injury to a muscle

Technically a strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon and is usually a small tear. Many people refer to any minor pain in the wrist as a strain, despite most cases being either ligament or tendon injuries. Injury to a ligament which joins bone to bone should be referred to as a sprain.

A acute wrist strain may occur from a sudden force, usually bending the wrist quickly or beyond it’s natural movement or over leading it by striking a golf club or similar against an immoveable object. A chronic wrist strain may be a repetitive strain injury, which occurs following repeated movements of the wrist. In this case degeneration of the tendons in the wrist is more likely to be an accurate diagnosis rather than a tear.

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