In an Ostentatious Way Crossword

In an ostentatious way crossword clue. TWO SPEED crossword question in The Courier-Mail on Monday, 19 Jun 2017. 11 letters.

The cryptic clue: Do you see Flint an ugly one when behaving so ostentatiously?

Answer: flauntingly


This was an international coup de force, which presupposed that all these nations in whose eyes independence was flaunted would make no claim to enjoy it; that though they had been beaten and pillaged they would not learn to conquer in their turn; and that the king of Sardinia, dispossessed of Milan, the grand-duke of Tuscany who Md given refuge to the pope when driven from Rome, and the king of Naples, ~iho had opened his ports to Nelsons fleet, would not find allies to make a stand against this hypocritical system.

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