Implied or Indirect Crossword Clue

Implied or indirect crossword clue. A daily mail UK puzzle question on 1 Aug 2017. 8 letters


His views on church polity were dominated by his implicit belief in the divine right of kings (not of course the divine hereditary right of kings) which the Anglicans felt it necessary to set up against the divine right of popes.

Jabneh (name of a city), Jabin, Jamlek, Jiptah (Jephthah), &c. Most of these really are verbs, the suppressed or implicit subject being ‘el, ” numen, god,” or the name of a god; cf.

Considering the great importance of arresting the spread of infection at the outset, and the implicit reliance placed upon bacteriological criteria, the aetiology of such antecedent ailments deserves more attention than has hitherto been paid to it.

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