Hollowed From a Blow Crossword Clue

Hollowed from a blow crossword clue. A quick one crossword question in Daily Telegraph Sydney on Tuesday, 11 July 2017. 6 letters.

The answer: DENTED


This sterling gravy boat was badly dented from removal of a monogram that made the sterling silver too thin.

If a monogram is hand engraved it is usually deep and it is best to not remove the engraving. Adding a small plaque to cover the engraving is sometimes a viable option. The most expensive option is high tech laser to fill in the engraving. The least expensive and most conservative option is to consider the monogram part of a silver object’s history and provenance.

Machine engraving is generally very shallow and can be removed more easily from sterling silver. Removing machine engraving from a silverplate object would require re-plating. An alternate option may be adding a sterling silver plaque over the engraving.

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