Highest Point or Part

Highest point or part crossword clue. A puzzle question in Daily Mail UK newspaper on 5 Sep 2017. 6 letters.

The answer: Summit

Highest point or part example

Mount McLoughlin, the highest point or part in Jackson County at 9,499 feet, has been known by many names. According to the Oregon Encyclopedia, those names included Alwilamchaldis, Mayakax, Kesh yainatat and Mount Sastise (Shasta). Confusion led to a name swap with Mount Shasta to the south, which originally was named Mount Pit or Pitt (spelling varied), a name that was then given to the Oregon peak. Other names included Mount John Quincy Adams, Big Butte, Snowy Butte and Mount Clear View. The Oregon legislature made the name Mount McLoughlin official in 1905.

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