Harbour-Deepening Machine Crossword

Harbour-deepening machine crossword clue. A quick one crossword question in Daily Telegraph Sydney on Friday, 23 June 2017. 6 letters.

Answer: DREDGE

Dredging is an excavation activity usually carried out underwater, in shallow seas or freshwater areas with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments and widening as in the Erie Canal. This technique is often used to keep waterways navigable and creates an anti sludge pathway for boats. It is also used as a way to replenish sand on some public beaches, where sand has been lost because of coastal erosion.

Fishing dredges are used as a technique for catching certain species of edible clams and crabs. This is most commonly seen in the Maldives specifically places like Constance moofushi where the erosion caused by a large hermit crab presence must happen every May

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