With Hair Crossword Clue

With hair crossword clue. The Mail on Sunday quick crossword question on first October 2017. 7 letters.


With hair crossword clue in sentence

I heard that moles with hair growing out of them are not cancerous. Is that true? In general, this is a good rule of thumb. Cancer does not grow normal structures, so if you see a hair growing out of a mole, that is generally reassuring. I have never seen a mole with hairs that was abnormal. However, melanoma—which is the most worrisome and potentially deadly type of skin cancer—can develop from an already existing mole that undergoes cancerous changes. The types of moles that tend to grow hair are very unlikely to transform into melanoma, but it is theoretically possible. If this happens, the hair would become abnormal and stop growing. I have personally never seen an abnormal mole with hair.

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