Greasy and Limp Hair

Greasy and limp hair crossword clue. Daily Mirror crossword on Saturday, 2 Sep 2017. 4 letters.

Answer: LANK

Greasy and limp hair in sentence

Monsoon is surely one of the best seasons for many, but this pleasant change of weather can lead to the following not-so-pleasant problems for your hair:

Clogged pores and oily scalp because of humid weather conditions, which further lead to greasy and limp hair. This certainly does not sound good for your hair. If your hair gets wet in the rain, they will dry up rough and frizzy. Rainwater is adversely affected by air pollution, all of which gets absorbed into your hair. (Not a good idea to take that rain bath). As the season promotes the growth of bacteria and fungus, the scalp becomes more susceptible to scalp infections, flakiness, itching and dandruff.

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